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2010 ADAC 24h

A selection of the 2010 ADAC Nurburgring 24h event

Team Schnitzer BMW M3 V8 GT2
Team Parker GT3 pitwork
Lexus LFA Factory support
2010 ADAC 24h start
Manthey GT3R leading
R8 LMS oil on track
Schnitzer M3 Hocheichen
GT3R Hybrid jumping
Schubert BMW 320D Adenauer Forst
Lexus LFA kerb
R8 LMS chase
PCB GT3 at Wehrseifen
R8 LMS Schnitzer M3 chase
R8 LMS at dusk
R8 LMS sparks at night
Manthey GT3R hop
M3 Priaulx pitstop
Haribo GT3R pitstop
Schnitzer M3 night pitstop
R8 LMS vs V12 Vantage
Schubert BMW 320D Small Karussell
R8 LMS Fuchsrohre sparks
BMW 320D kerb jump
Schnitzer M3 qualifying
AM V12 Vantage kerb
GT3R Hybrid landing
Team Parker GT3 Hocheichen
Schnitzer M3 victory
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