An impression of the first race of the 2017 VLN season whick took place in perfect spring conditions.

Schubert Motorsport M6 pitstop
Nico Verdonck Abt Bentley Continental pitstop
Manthey Racing GT3R pitlane
Schubert Motorsport M6 pitstop
Glickenhaus SCG003 and Zakspeed GTR
Mathol M235i VLN traffic
Schubert Motorsport M6 vs Falken M6
Schubert Motorsport M6 Galgenkopf
Land R8 exiting Mini Karussell
Abt Bentley Continental jumping
Manthey GT3R jumping past Opel Astra
Scheid Motorsport M235i at Brunnchen
Falken GT3R jumping at Pflanzgarten
Zakspeed GTR jumping at Pflanzgarten
Falken M6 exiting Mini Karussell
Haribo AMG GT3 vs Black Falcon AMG GT3
Opel Manta VLN 2017
Manthey GT3R Patrick Pilet Mini Karussell
VLN Falken Porsche 3 abreast
Scuderia Glickenhaus SCG003 at Brunnchen
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